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    1st Lesson - Greetings


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    1st Lesson - Greetings

    Post by Nancy on Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:22 pm

    Well...I would love to cut the ribbon for this thread Wink

    First you need to know that the arabic I'll be introducing is the Egyptian Arabic Language. Meaning, the language that we - Egyptian - use in our daily activities. So let's start... Cool

    1. How are you?

    - Ezayak? (If you are talking to a male)
    - Ezayek? (If you are talking to a female)

    2. I'm fine, Thanks!

    - Ana kwayesah, Shokran! (if you are a female)
    - Ana Kwayes, Shokran! (if you are a male)

    PS. -> Shokran! = thanks!


    I -> Ana
    You (male) -> Enta
    You (female) -> Enty
    You (plural) -> Entom
    He -> Hoowa
    She -> Heya
    They -> Hoomaa
    We -> Ehna

    In Arabic we don't have the Subject (It). We refer to anything according to it's gender... for example :

    "the cat" -> we would use the subject (Heya or She) because it's a femin.

    That's it for today Wink
    Hope you enjoyed it!

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