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    Post by Nancy on Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:53 am

    Things husbands should never do
    1. Offer to “babysit” your own kids.
    2. Imply that office work is harder than housework.
    3. Give a home appliance as a gift.
    4. Buy us the “cougar” perfume.
    5. Brag about your driving.
    6. Be unimpressed by a meal that took a lot of time and trouble.
    7. Buy clothes without trying them on.
    8. Know it all, especially in public.
    9. Say anything remotely critical about our new haircut.
    10. Expect a medal for doing a little housework.


    12 Things You Don't Know About Women
    By Celebrities:

    1. Christina Applegate
    "Call us back right away. That 'three day' business does not apply. We're getting older, and we don't have time to screw around. Wait too long and we'll lose interest. Trust me on this one."

    2. Courtney Cox
    "We pay closer attention to your hands than you think. It's bad enough if you don't have manly hands, but if your nails are longer than ours, forget it."

    3. Padma Lakshmi
    "Some of us prefer boxing to yoga. None of us actually likes Pilates."

    4. Alyssa Milano
    "Women are innately self-conscious. This is not a choice; it's a genderwide condition. On a bad day, I look in the mirror and see my ten-pound-heavier alter ego. Her name is Bertha. On a really bad day, Bertha sees her two-hundred-pound-heavier alter ego. Her name is Brian Dennehy."

    5. Poppy Montgomery
    "When considering whether or not to ask out the girl you're afraid to talk to, keep this in mind: No matter who you are or what you look like, it's always flattering when you hit on us. Always."

    6. Tea Leoni
    "Supersecret: Unless we're blind or have no night-light in the bathroom, the whole toilet-seat thing is exaggerated and meant to control you."

    7. Mariska Hargitay
    "We love the fact that it takes you only twelve minutes to get ready for anything, be it a black tie [event] or a basketball game. When it takes longer than that... what are you doing in there?"
    "We are all about our necks. Feel free to spend as much time there as you wish."

    8. Emily Deschanel
    "Even if we've only been dating a few weeks, don't introduce us as your 'lady friend' -- or that's exactly what we'll become."

    9. Jenna Fischer
    "If we run into your ex-girlfriend in public, the first thing you should do is put your arm around us. And if we have to introduce ourselves, you are in big trouble."

    10. Julie Delpy
    "We need you to be reachable at all times, but we don't always pick up our phones when you call. We realize this seems like a double standard; if you'd like to discuss it further, just leave a message."

    11. Maria Bello
    "We're afraid of commitment, too. You may think we spend our time scheming ways to trap you into marriage, but many of us are quite happy being independent and autonomous. Besides, we're not in any rush to quit lusting after young Calvin Klein models."

    12. Kyra Sedgwick
    "Our friends are not your enemies, and our enemies better not be your friends."


    9 Secret Signals Your Body Language Sends to Men
    1. Smiling coyly
    2. Catching his eye and holding it for a couple of seconds
    3. Fixing your hair or your outfit
    4. Brushing his arm
    5. Interacting with other people
    6. Looking away as you kiss, hug, or greet him
    7. Mimicking his movements
    8. Folding your arms
    9. Making steady eye contact when he's talking

    [URL="http://dating.personals.yahoo.com/singles/datingtips/88616/dating-tips-9-secret-signals-your-body-language-sends-to-men"]source & read more[/URL]

    Tips to revive the SPARKS
    1. Meet once a week to look at your schedules and set aside time for each other.

    2. At least once a week, plan a date night. Once a month, plan a date day (that's right, a whole day from morning to evening). Once each quarter, plan a weekend get-away. Once each year, plan a week away together.

    3. Mark your planned time in your calendar, just like a dentist appointment or an appointment with a client. Write it in ink! Mark yourself out for a block of time.

    4. Take turns planning your dates each week.

    5. Do the grocery shopping and buy a bouquet of flowers for your partner.

    6. Write a love note and leave it for your partner to find.

    7. Take a break from watching TV and doing laundry or other chores. Go to bed early and share massages, talk, or cuddle.

    8. Turn off the TV, turn on the stereo and have a talk.

    9. Kiss your mate Good Morning and Good Night every day. Just say, "I love you."

    Note: I found this somewhere on my computer, can't remember from where I get it or why I had it :unsure: . But prob it is taken from Yahoo!

    Why Men Don't Talk?
    Guys Are A Little Intimidated
    Guys Need To Decompress
    Guys Are More Comfortable With Actions Than Feelings
    Guys Don't Want To Be Put On The Spot


    4 Fights That Men Fear
    The "Blackberry" Fight
    The "Ex" Fight
    The "Finale" Fight
    The "Wedding" Fights


    4 Things Guys Notice Instantly
    Girls...pay attention :p:

    1. Your Smile
    2. Your Hair
    3. Your Cleavage
    4. Your Skin


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