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    About Posting, please read first!


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    About Posting, please read first! Empty About Posting, please read first!

    Post by Nancy on Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:20 pm

    To make it easier for members and guests who view the forum, few steps could help the process.

    1 - To maintain each page on the fourm easy and fast to load, please avoid posting too many pictures per-post. Post 2 pictures then you can give links to the rest.

    2 - Please don't re-post your pictures. Take your time to review the previous posts before posting to avoid that.

    3 - To keep each thread enriched and useful, please avoid short messages per-post like, "Sorry!", "Thanks!" or "Great!"

    4 - To prevent your posts from being deleted or called as "Spams", please avoid the "Off-topic", and "non related" posts.

    5 - Using any other language is forbidden. English is our ONLY language in here. So please consider not using any other language.

    6 - Make sure that your topic is not already posted somewhere. You can use the "Search" section to look for your desired topic first.

    7 - No posting of porn links, videos or images.

    8 - Standard rules of the forum always applies : No offensive, insulting, profane or vulgar remarks are allowed.

    9 - Please avoid using inappropriate avatars, custom titles or signatures.

    10 - Images / News / Articles Posting
    Please make sure to provide the "source" of your news and articles. Also, mentioning the copyrights of your images would be appreciated.

    Please understand that breaking any of these rules will result in a warning, suspension or banning from the forum.
    Thank you for your understanding Smile

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