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    Female directors clash over Ahmad Izz


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    Female directors clash over Ahmad Izz Empty Female directors clash over Ahmad Izz

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    Female directors clash over Ahmad Izz Ahmed_ezz4

    Source: http://www.albawaba.com

    The actions of Egyptian controversial director Enas Al Dughaidi of placing the name of young Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz as the leading actor of her latest film “Al Bahithat An Al Hurieh” (Seekers of Freedom) has once again caused more commotion this time with the director of Ahmad’s new film “Malaki Iskindria”. The director of Ahmad’s new film Sandra Nash’at has accused Enas of purposely affecting the success of Malaki Iskandria by wrongfully placing Ahmad’s name as the leading actor of her film.

    According to the Qatar based daily, Al Raya, Sandra stressed that when Ahmed’s fans read that he is the leading actor in the film “Al Bahithat An Al Hurieh” they will go to see it instead of her film “Malaki Iskindria”. She added that Enas should have legal actions taking against her for placing Ahmad as a lead actor when in fact he was merely a guest of honor in the film.

    Ezz has expressed his extreme anger at Enas for not mentioning his name in the script of film as guest of honor only and not a leading actor. Ahmad stressed that Enas had taken advantage of his guest appearance and kept making public announcements that he is one of the leading actors in the film to gain more success.

    Ahmed added that he only agreed to make a guest appearance on the film as a kind gesture to Enas, who had given him his first push into the acting world when he starred in her film “Muthakarat Murahiqa” (Adolescence Memoirs).

    Ahmed fears that Enas’s actions will negatively influence the success expected and hoped for his new film “Malaki Iskindaria”, which is scheduled for screening during the Muslim holiday Eid Al Adha. The film will mark Ahmad’s first leading role in the cinema and he is hoping to meet the expectations of audiences throughout the Arab world.
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