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    Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model


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    Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model Empty Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model

    Post by Nancy on Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:39 pm

    Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model Japan1

    Real Name: Liao Yang Zhen
    Stage Name: Yan Cheng Xu
    English Name: Jerry Yan
    Birthday: January 1, 1977
    Sing: Capricorn
    Height: 180 cm
    Bloodtype: B
    Hobbies: Basketball & Swimming
    Collection: All types of sunglasses
    Food: Anything that is edible
    Personality: Cheerful, perfectionist, humble & a very shy big boy
    Language: Mandarin, Taiwanese, with some Japanese, Cantonese and English
    Favorite body Part: Fingers
    Favorite Movie: Cinderella Man, Crash, Love Actually
    Favorite Artist: Johnny Depp
    Favorite Instrument: Piano
    Favorite Country: Japan
    Favorite Pet: Any type (elephants & dolphins)
    Favorite Style: Casual and natural
    Color: Black
    Favorite Drinks: plain water
    Country most want to visit: U.S.A
    Dream: To have a farm and rear many kinds of animals
    Unforgettable Incident: A teacher cried in front of him because his exam results were not good
    Most Hated Thing: Not being respected
    Favorite Music: Wide Range

    Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model Freeln24

    Jerry's Official Websites

    Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model Freeln24



    Jerry For You (2004)
    Want to Love you
    I really Love You
    Memory piece
    One Meter
    Forget Myself
    I want it Now
    Be a Good Lover

    FREEDOM (2009)
    01 Thank You
    02 SONY WALKMAN (I Will Love You Very Much)
    03 Say Love You At KTV
    04 Half
    05 To Pursue/To Give Best Shot
    06 Extra Freedom
    07 Black Coffee Diary
    08 Lost Love
    09 April Fool's Day
    10 Wait For You To Come Back

    You are My Only Persistence
    I really Love You (Japanese version)

    2001 : Meteor Rain
    2002 : Fantasy Forever
    2002 : Can’t Help Falling in Love
    2006 : F4 Five Years Glorious Collection
    2008 : F4 Waiting For You

    Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model Freeln24


    Magic Kitchen (2004)

    TV Series
    Down With Love 就想赖着你 (2009)
    Extravagant Challenge華麗的挑戰(2009~postponed)
    Starlit心星的淚光 (2009)
    Hot Shot 籃球火 (2008)
    The Hospital 白色巨塔 (2006)
    Meteor Garden II 流星花園 II (2002)
    Come to My Place 來我家吧 (2002)
    Meteor Dream Garden 流星夢幻楽園 (2002)
    Love Scar 烈愛傷痕 (2001)
    Meteor Rain 流星雨~道明寺篇 (2001)
    Meteor Garden 流星花園 (2001)
    Spicy Teacher (2000)

    Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model Freeln24

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    Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model Empty Re: Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model

    Post by Rena_Wolf on Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:45 pm

    Taken from: http://asianfanatics.net
    translated by kym @www . nbbbs . com. thank you..

    Big Brother Hou, Am I so really so silly? ~ Jerry Yan

    "Big Brother Hou," Jerry Yan asked, "am I really so silly?"

    I've been talking about some blunders that happened during the wake these few days. Talking about blunders, I recall one story. It's inevitable that we make blunders but with the reputation of an artiste at stake, it can be especially embarrassing.

    Jerry Yan attended a Japanese ceremony recently and received a Super Idol category Award. After the ceremony, the Organizers kindly arranged for him to go shopping at a branded shop. Initially, they wanted to clear the store for him but he insisted not to. As he has always maintained that he was like any average Joe.

    As this was no made public, the Organizers were cautious. On the day itself, besides the few reporters, there weren't many fans around. Or else the small store would be jam-packed.

    Though everything seemed fine, our Mr. Handsome still met with problems.

    "I looking around the store for a long time but I didn't see anything I'd like. But they were so friendly and it didn't seem nice that I didn't buy anything," Jerry Yan said. "But the problem is if I just buy anything, it didn't seem to be true to myself. Anyway, the fans would read the report and they might buy the same thing so I have a responsibility."

    Jerry Yan's perfectionist manner shows up again. Anyway as long as something touches on perfection or responsibility, to our Mr. Handsome - shopping is no longer such a simple matter.

    He took a long time, kept choosing this and that. He was on the brink of hopelessness when the Heavens showed him grace. He finally spotted a leather bag that he like a lot.

    "I'm finally saved." He took to it the mirror and it looked great.

    Jerry asked the Interpreter to ask the Japanese salesperson for the price.

    After the salesperson heard what the interpreter said, she appeared very respectful and pointed to a man who was dressed trendily. And she further 'explained' to the interpreter. After that she ran to that man and bowed to him and pointed over to Jerry's side.

    Jerry saw that man turn around, nodding politely and smiling. Our Mr. Handsome was also very gracious and he smiled and nodded as well.

    "I was thinking that he should be a boss or something from the way he is dressed."

    After a while, the saleslady came with the Interpreter and bowed deeply to Jerry.

    "So how is it? How much is it?"

    The Interpreter seemed ill at ease, after some hesitation he finally said.

    "That customer over there said that he left his leather bag outside when he was trying his clothes but you took it away."

    Jerry's face turned a crimson red and wished that there was a hole for him to hide.

    He immediately returned the bag to the Interpreter and he gave it back to the saleslady who returned it to that man. After that man got back his bag, Jerry gave him a very deep bow. The Japanese customer was also very polite, he smile and bowed back. After all that, he left quietly without any fanfare.

    The reporters that were a distance away and didn't seem to notice.

    "Oh no! That was so embarressing. I even took the bag to the mirror to have a look, Big Brother Hou!" Jerry was laughing at himself. "Do you think I was really so silly?"

    I nodded my head.

    But it's not that our Mr. Handsome was so very silly but I felt that the Japanese customer was so gracious, low-key and very considerate in his manner. That is truly very gentlemanly and something worthy of emulation.

    ~ THE END ~

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    Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model Empty Re: Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model

    Post by Nancy on Mon Oct 26, 2009 6:31 pm

    Hehe hehe...Damn it Jerry! Laugh out Loud I can expect how his face looked like...like that? >>> Ashamed
    He must have been embarrced .... poor Jerry! It's ok!! Its Okay *lool*
    But that's ok!! You handled it well Wink

    For all your people who have just known Jerry...here are some pics and videos

    Jerry Yan (言承旭) - Actor, singer, model A2_021






    (in HOT SHOT) https://2img.net/h/i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn173/pbb_plus/jerry%20yan/2_2kBmX2GTT1LQ.jpg


    jerry yan's pepsi commmercial