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    1000 مبروك - "Alf Mabrouk" (congratulations) - 2009


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    1000 مبروك  - "Alf Mabrouk" (congratulations) - 2009 Empty 1000 مبروك - "Alf Mabrouk" (congratulations) - 2009

    Post by Nancy on Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:44 am

    Genre: Comedy / Drama
    Starring: Ahmed Helmy
    1000 مبروك  - "Alf Mabrouk" (congratulations) - 2009 60050083038127291

    Story (Arabic)

    Story (English)
    Movie excerpted from the American Film Groundhog Day which was set under Comedy Fantasy on some guy who wakes up every morning, to pass through several different situation, then when he lays down to sleep at night, and wake up the next morning, suddenly he finds that he is living the same day he spent yesterday. Here the hero finds himself trapped in just one day of his life and he can not escape it.