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    طير إنت - "Teer Enta" - 2009


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    طير إنت - "Teer Enta" - 2009 Empty طير إنت - "Teer Enta" - 2009

    Post by Nancy on Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:12 am

    Genre: Comedy, Romance
    Starrting: Ahmed Mekky - Donya Samir Ghanem
    طير إنت - "Teer Enta" - 2009 60050082423107735

    Story (Arabic)

    Story (English)
    Dr. Baheeg (Mekky) is a veterinarian who has no previous relationships with women then comes ayoung lady with her sick dog then he begins to like her, but she does not give him any kind of attention until a gene would suddenly appear to him and asked him what he wants; his request was only to make this woman fall in love with him, but he has seven only attempts to portray seven characters and themes and different places. Each time he would recognize a character or a famous singer as chief and other figures. Wonder, Who she would fall in love with?