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    Ken Chu (朱孝天) - Actor , Singer


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    Ken Chu (朱孝天) - Actor , Singer Empty Ken Chu (朱孝天) - Actor , Singer

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    Ken Chu (朱孝天) - Actor , Singer F3cd1ee6312930_full

    English Name: Ken Chu/Zhu
    Chinese Name: 朱孝天
    Origin: Nanjing, China
    Birth Land: Taiwan
    Birthdate: 15 January 1979
    Zodiac: Capricorn
    Chinese Zodiac: Horse
    Blood Type: AB
    Height: 180 centimeters
    Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English, Singlish, Cantonese, Indonesian, Thai and Japanese
    Character: Easy going, not particular, Good-hearted,
    would not like to see any person to be hurt,
    amiable, everything can be discussed, strong logic has good principles,
    accepts new things, strong curiosity on things,
    dares to accept new challenges.
    Siblings: 1 younger brother & 1 younger sister
    Biggest Wish: Go on a world tour, back-pack style
    Hobbies: Swimming, photography, diving and cooking
    Unforgettable Moment: His days in Singapore
    Expertise: Cooking, Photography
    Food : Not picky but no beef
    Drink : Ice wine
    Body Part: Teeth and eyes
    Sports : Swimming and diving
    Music : Jazz, hip hop, drum and bass, ambient, 70's and 80's music
    Artistes : Beatles, Eagles, Coldplay, Radiohead
    Musical Instruments : Guitar, Drums and Percussions
    Country : Taiwan, Singapore (wish to go Venice, Greece)
    Pets : Cats but basically any animal
    Clothes : Anything Comfortable
    Lifestyle : Eat and do nothing
    Dislikes: Dieting, perspiring and having no money
    Ideal Girl: Obedient, has her own style

    Ken Chu (朱孝天) - Actor , Singer Freeln24

    TV dramas

    Wish to See You Again
    The Legend of Chu Liu Xiang

    City Of Sky

    Love Storm - as Wan Bao Long CTS

    Meteor Garden II - as Xi Men CTS
    Sunflower - as Xiao Long CTS
    Hi! Working Girl - as Himself CTV
    Come To My Place - as Tian Jian CTV

    Marmalade Boy - as Yuu CTS
    Meteor Rain - as Xi Men CTS
    Yamada Tarō Monogatari - as Ho Fu CTS
    Meteor Garden - as Xi Men CTS

    Ma La Xian Shi (Happy Campus)
    Tsang Love Story
    Lueng Love Story

    Batanes: At The Edge of Eternity 2007
    The Tokyo Trial 2007
    Sky of Love 2003

    Ken Chu (朱孝天) - Actor , Singer Freeln24

    Getting Real + Collection Album - 2009
    On Ken's Time - 2005

    Love Storm - Inside of My Guitar - 2003

    With F4
    Waiting For You (Zai Zhe Li Deng Ni) - 2007
    F4's 360 Degrees - 2006
    Can't Help Falling in Love - 2002
    Fantasy 4ever - 2002
    Meteor Rain - 2001

    Ken Chu (朱孝天) - Actor , Singer Freeln24

    Mei Wei Guan Xi (Delicious Relations) - cookbook
    released: January 5, 2006 - Taiwan, July 4, 2006 - China, November 25, 2006 - Japan.

    With F4
    F4@Tokyo - 2005 photobook
    Comic Man - The First Anniversary of F4 - 2002 photobook
    Meteor In Barcelona - 2002 photobook
    F4 Music Party - 2001 photobook

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