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    Twilight - 2008


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    Twilight - 2008 Empty Twilight - 2008

    Post by Nancy on Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:45 pm

    Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Romance/Thriller

    Twilight - 2008 Twilight-cover

    Kristen Stewart - Bella Swan
    Robert Pattinson - Edward Cullen
    Billy Burke - Charlie Swan
    Ashley Greene - Alice Cullen
    Nikki Reed - Rosalie Hale
    Jackson Rathbone - Jasper Hale
    Kellan Lutzv - Emmett Cullen
    Peter Facinelli - Dr. Carlisle Cullen
    Cam Gigandet - James
    Taylor Lautner - Jacob Black
    Anna Kendrick - Jessica Stanley
    Michael Welch - Mike Newton
    Christian Serratos - Angela Weber
    Gil Birmingham - Billy Black
    Elizabeth Reaser - Esme Cullen

    Bella Swan was not expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen when she moved to live with her Dad in Forks, Washington. But this where her life truly begins. There she meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious and captivating student at her new high school. Bella soon discovers that Edward is hiding a secret, after he impossibly saves her life from a van with his super-human strength and speed. She is determined to unravel his secret, but the truth is more terrifying than she realized. Edward is a vampire. Any normal person would just keep away from him, but Edward and Bella have fallen passionately and unconditionally in love with each other. And so begins their forbidden relationship between a human and a vampire. But the young lovers soon discover that their troubles are only just about to begin.

    So tell us your thoughts guys!! Agree

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    Twilight - 2008 Empty Re: Twilight - 2008

    Post by crazzycat on Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:24 am

    wow, that's a fantastic movie, the playing, the plot is awesome!!!
    Found best glitter text ever...

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