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    Alexander Wang Leehom [王力宏] - Actor, Singer, Songwriter


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    Alexander Wang Leehom [王力宏] - Actor, Singer, Songwriter Empty Alexander Wang Leehom [王力宏] - Actor, Singer, Songwriter

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    Alexander Wang Leehom [王力宏] - Actor, Singer, Songwriter Leehom

    About him
    Chinese Name: Wang Li Hong
    English Name: Alexander Wang
    Birthday: May 17, 1976
    Birthplace: Rochester, New York, USA
    Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
    Sign: Taurus
    Blood Type: O+
    Height: 180 cm [5'11"]
    Languages: Fluent English & Mandarin, conversational Cantonese, Japanese & French

    Boyband: N'Sync
    Admired Singer: Stevie Wonder
    Animal: Dog [Rotweiller]
    Color: Blue
    Sport: Baseball
    Food: Japanese cuisine, Peking Duck, Pizza, Coconut, Zonghui Sandwich, Grapefruit Juice
    Hobby: Baseball, Music, Drawing, Movie, Drama, Creating, Making
    Movies: 8 1/2, 夜訪吸血鬼, 刺激1995, Little Women, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Farewell My Concubine, A Clockwork Orange
    Attire: T-shirt & Jeans
    Quote: "It's all good."
    Taken from http://asianfanatics.net


    1995 - Love Rival Beethoven - 情敵貝多芬
    1996 - If You Heard My Song - 如果你聽見我的歌
    1996 - Missing You - 好想你
    1997 - White Paper - 白紙
    1998 - Revolution - 公轉自轉
    1999 - Impossible to Miss You - 不可能錯過你
    2000 - Forever’s First Day - 永遠的第一天
    2001 - The One and Only - 唯一
    2003 - Unbelievable - 不可思議
    2004 - Shangri-La - 心中的日月
    2005 - Heroes of Earth - 蓋世英雄
    2007 - Change Me - 改變自己
    2008 - Heart Beat - 心•跳


    1999 - The Iron Giant [鐵巨人]
    2000 - From Ashes to Ashes [煙飛煙滅]
    2000 - China Strike Force [雷霆戰警]
    2001 - The Avenging Fist [拳神]
    2003 - Moon Child
    2005 - Starlit High Noon [真昼ノ星空]
    2007 - Lust, Caution [色.戒]

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    Alexander Wang Leehom [王力宏] - Actor, Singer, Songwriter Empty Re: Alexander Wang Leehom [王力宏] - Actor, Singer, Songwriter

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    Wang Lee Hom charms fans with the guitar and the piano

    Taiwanese singer Wang Lee Hom was in town over the weekend as a special guest for the grand opening ceremony of ION Orchard. With his nifty dance moves and smooth velvety vocals, Lee Hom danced and sang his ways into hearts of the audience present.

    Casually dressed in jeans, 33-year-old Lee Hom made his grand appearance at 8pm that night. With an exuberant smile on his face, Lee Hom constantly interacted with his fans, waving and greeting them with bouts of “Hi, Hello!”

    He also greeted President S. R. Nathan, who was amongst the distinguish guests present for the event and revealed that he is in the same alumni as Senior Minister, Goh Chok Tong.

    “Senior Minister Goh and I used to study at William’s College. I have seen him around in the school campus many years ago.”

    A constant visitor to our sunny shores, Lee Hom’s last visit to Singapore was in 2008 for his Music Man World Tour.

    “I have been visiting Singapore every year since 1995,” said Lee Hom who shared that his three-day stay here is “the longest thus far” and commented that it “feels like a holiday!”

    That night, Lee Hom performed a repertoire of three songs including a swoon-worthy English track performed on the piano, “I hope you don’t mind”. He strummed along on his electric guitar and bowled fans over with his rendition of “What’s wrong with me” and the upbeat, “Heroes of Earth”.

    As his performance came to a close, Lee Hom started to countdown to the fireworks performance with the host. An array of fireworks filled the skies with its magnificent display.

    After the end of the fireworks display, Lee Hom left the outdoor stage venue and entered the shopping center under the company of three to four bodyguards. The amiable singer was welcomed with high-pitched screams upon his entry into ION Orchard and shook hands with a few lucky fans.

    Source: http://www.mediacorptv.sg/en/buzzdetail/EDC091026-0000224

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