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    Robert Pattinson - actor, model and musician


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    Robert Pattinson - actor, model and musician Empty Robert Pattinson - actor, model and musician

    Post by Nancy on Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:15 am

    Robert Pattinson - actor, model and musician Robert-pattinson

    Name:Robert Pattinson
    Place of Birth: London England
    Date of Birth: May 13 1986 (23 years old)
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue/Gray
    Height: 6'1 (185 cm)
    Siblings: Older sisters Lizzy and Victoria
    Instruments: Piano and Guitar
    Sports: Football, Skiing, Snowboarding, and more
    Theatre Club: Barnes Theatre Club in London
    Theatre Roles: Macbeth, Anything Goes, Our Town, and Tess of the D'Urbevilles
    Movie Roles: The Ring Of The Nibelungs, Vanity Fair, Goblet of Fire, The Haunted Airman, The Summer House, The Bad Mother's Handbook, How To Be, Little Ashes, Twilight, New Moon, Remember Me, Unbound Captives
    Acting Inspiration: Jack Nicholson

    taken from: http://robertpattinson.org

    Remember Me (2010)
    New Moon (2009)
    Twilight (2008)
    Little Ashes (2008)
    How To Be (2008)
    The Summer House (2008)
    The Bad Mother's Handbook (2007) (TV)
    The Haunted Airman (2006) (TV)
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)
    Ring of the Nibelungs (2004) (TV)
    Vanity Fair (2004)

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