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    [2007] الشبح - The Ghost


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    [2007] الشبح - The Ghost Empty [2007] الشبح - The Ghost

    Post by Nancy on Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:06 am

    Genre: Thriller / Action / Romance / Drama
    Starring: Ahmed Ezz - Zeinah - Mahmoud Abd Moghny - Salah Abd Allah


    Story (Arabic):
    Hidden text:
    شاب فاقد الذاكرة ويسعى لمعرفة نفسه فتصادفه العديد من المشاكل ويتهم زوراً بقضية قتل وتطارده الشرطة ويحاول البحث عن القاتل الحقيقي بمساعدة صديقه. تقع فتاة في غرامه وتقف بجواره حتى يستطيع إثبات براءته

    Story (English): - Google translation
    A young man who lost his memory he decided to seek to know himself Vtsadfh many problems and was falsely accused of a murder case, is wanted by the police and trying to find the real killer, with the assistance of his friend. Girl falls in love and stands beside him so that he can prove his innocence


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