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    Meteor Garden - 2001


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    Meteor Garden - 2001 Empty Meteor Garden - 2001

    Post by Nancy on Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:49 pm

    Meteor Garden is a Taiwanese drama that began its broadcast 12 April 2001. It stars Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and Barbie Hsu.

    Meteor Garden - 2001 F4taiwan

    Main Cast

    Meteor Garden - 2001 Barbie_hsu
    Barbie Hsu as Shan Cai

    Meteor Garden - 2001 Jerryyan
    Jerry Yan as Dao Ming Si (leader of F4)

    Meteor Garden - 2001 Vic_Chou-Make_A_Wish_2
    Vic Chou as Hua Ze Lei

    Meteor Garden - 2001 Blaail4
    Vanness Wu as Mei Zuo Ling

    Meteor Garden - 2001 Chu_ken_2
    Ken Chu as Xi Men

    Shan Tsai is an indomitable girl, who fulfils her parents' dream of entering the super noble school. Initially she just wants to spend her university life peacefully. But inadvertently she gets involved in settling problems for her good friend, and infuriates Dau Ming Sz, the leader of F4, a gang of troublemakers at the university. From then on, a series of scenarios involving love, hate and passion begin to develop.

    The childish Dau Ming Sz is a spoiled hedonistic scion of a wealthy family. All girls want to get close to Dau Ming Sz, except Shan Tsai. This ironically sparks off Dau Ming Sz's affection for Shan Tsai. However, out of expectation, Shan Tsai is fond of Hua Tze Lei, Dau Ming Sz's close friend. And amidst all this, Hua Tze Lei has a crush for Jing, re-kindling the innocent mutual affection they shared during childhood.

    The story plot is a romance comedy around boys and girls in campus. The love and persistent personality of the poverty stricken Shan Tsai, gradually curbs the aggressive temperament of Dau Ming Sz and, in turn, helps eradicate on-campus violence.

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    Meteor Garden - 2001 Empty Re: Meteor Garden - 2001

    Post by Alana on Tue Oct 27, 2009 2:42 am

    + English Sus (Translation)

    Ep 1: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-01/
    Ep 2: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-02/
    Ep 3: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-03/
    Ep 4: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-04/
    Ep 5: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-05/
    Ep 6: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-06/
    Ep 7: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-07/
    Ep 8: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-08/
    Ep 9: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-09/
    Ep 10: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-10/
    Ep 11: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-11/
    Ep 12: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-12/
    Ep 13: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-13/
    Ep 14: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-14/
    Ep 15: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-15/
    Ep 16: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-16/
    Ep 17: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-17/
    Ep 18: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-18/
    Ep 19: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-19/
    Ep 20: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-20/
    Ep 21: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-21/
    Ep 22: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-22/
    Ep 23: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-23/
    Ep 24: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-24/
    Ep 25: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-25/
    Ep 26: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-26/
    Ep 27: http://sugoideas.com/meteor-garden-episode-27/

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